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The Life Pivot
You know when you read in magazines about the lifestyles of others and you wish, not necessarily with envy but you think to yourself what it would be ...

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Periscope  The Social Media Disrupter

Why the fascination of Periscope?

Well, I listened to the Periscope periscope - yep.. the Periscope team took time to 'scope' about their product, and that shed an enormous amount of light onto their vision and goals and what stood out for me is their passion and excitment in helping create 'truth' and 'empathy' to the consumer.

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Finding harmony in chaos

For me, in being clear and creative in my thoughts, I love nature, flowers, birds, bees, simple things in life.  In a busy and sometimes overloaded world of information, to step outside and just stop and look at nature.

For many it may be a walk along the beach or the seaside, and for me it's my garden where I find the routine of the seasons which make me feel that a moment's peace helps get the balance back.

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The Demise of the Department Store

Today I set myself a task.  I love writing, although my blogs and lack lustre efforts could make you wonder, but behind the scenes, my life is full of ideas shared on paper.

I've loved writing for years, it's one of the things that I feel helps take thoughts and bring them to life and often I feel the physical part of writing is more significant in results than the keyboard.

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Anyone For Tea?

The value of a cup of tea

Sometimes, if I had my way, I'd be sipping a hot cup of Madura English Breakfast tea, not the tea bags, but the real tea, the loose tea you put by the spoonful into the pot and let sit for a few minutes to steep.

My cup would be my favourite double walled glass cup, the ones we see everywhere now, but well before it was fashionable, I was sipping my cups of tea from them.

Of course I'd be sitting in a comfortable chair, on my verandah, shaded from the harsh sun, but still warm enough to enjoy shutting my eyes for a moment and thinking, letting my mind wander and occasionally, opening up an eye to see if I can spot that bird I hear every day, but eludes me because there are so many beautiful plants to hide. 

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